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O G S S Technologies is a Top #1 Influencer Marketing Agency We believe that together with our customers we can improve the comfort of many people. We use our competencies and experience to create software which has a real impact on the present and the future with Top #1 Software Company.

Top #1 Software Development Company Dubai-based international offshore software development and services provider with a presence in over 9 countries spread across four continents, supported by over 5000+ people from over 35 nationalities.

O G S S Technologies is a top private limited custom software development company, formed in early 2006 by the current CEO, Murali Sampath. O G S S Technologies is coming under OGHO Group of companies, and the OGHO group of companies include diversified subsidiaries as well as joint venture companies.

Our Software development company is to advise clients on how to use software to meet their business objectives or to solve business problems.

Our mission is to help customers top #1 software development to achieve their business objectives by providing innovative, best-in-class consulting, IT solutions and software development. We function as a IT partner to business, offering a consulting – plan – implementation approach with an integrated portfolio of technology software development that encompass the entire Enterprise value chain.

Top #1 Influencer Marketing Agency

Top #1 Influencer Marketing Agency

Top #1 Influencer Marketing Agency

Influencer Marketing services in Australia

We build meaningful relationships between brands and creators

We enable your brand to be seen at scale across digital; driving growth and guaranteed success.

Our purpose is to Make Waves; an idea seeded in the fact that our creators tell stories that build human connections, which set off waves of influence. These waves of influence become our data layers, from which we measure the impact. Our clients and creators make waves, we measure the impact.

Revolutionizing Influencer Marketing with data-led integrated platform that helps deliver exceptional customer experiences and amplified business revenues.

The Only Data-Led Influencer Marketing Platform That Provides Twin Fold Value with a Three Fold Output

Influencers yield a lot of power. If you can get an influencer to endorse your product or brand, you can tap into the audience at the influencer’s disposal, which may be far more vast than your own following.

Influencer marketing is a relationship between a brand and an influencer. The influencer promotes the brand’s products or services through various media outlets such as Instagram and YouTube. Not to be confused with celebrity endorsements, influencer marketing does more than just attach a well-known celebrity to a brand. Influencers must be trusted figures within a niche community and retain a loyal following. In addition, they typically possess knowledge or experience about what they are advertising.

Influencer marketing is a type of marketing that uses influencers to promote a brand to a larger market. Influencers are opinion leaders with a social following base. They appear as experts or trustworthy sources of information.

Benefits of Influencer Marketing

Brand awareness growth
Content strategy enrichment
Quality lead generation

Quality lead generation

36% of brands use influencer marketing to generate leads. 72% of them believe that this channel brings higher quality leads compared to other channels. People generally feel positive about the brands their favorite blogger advertises. Better yet, some types of content, such as reviews, attract warmer leads in the middle stages of the sales funnel.

Content strategy enrichment

Influencer marketing is a golden opportunity to liven up your social media posts. You can repost the influencer’s content or encourage their followers to create user-generated content, as 24% of brands do. You can also use blogger’s images for other marketing channels, such as targeted advertising. To avoid problems with copyright, include it in the contract

Brand awareness growth

40% of marketers use influencer marketing to boost brand awareness, and this strategy works great. Opinion leaders share your brand’s story, mission, and values with their follower base. It automatically expands your outreach and positioning online.


Other marketing channels require regular influxes of cash from your budget. For instance, to promote your brand through search engine marketing, you have to top-up your account on the advertising platform. Otherwise, your ad disappears from the search engine results page. A well-thought-out influencer marketing strategy can drive better results for lower fees or even allow you to barter in the future. Another note on influencer marketing efficacy – on average, brands make $5.20 for every $1 spent on this channel. Influencer marketing can contribute to your business by helping you grow brand awareness and online presence, as well as ensuring lead generation. Depending on your objectives, you can choose different types of influencer marketing campaigns.

Types of Influencer Marketing

  •     Social media takeover
  •     Affiliate marketing
  •     Sponsored content
  •     Unboxings
  •     Brand ambassador programs

Influencer Marketing Tips

  •     Look for engagement, not followers
  •     Go for micro-influencers
  •     Build long-term partnerships
  •     Invest in video makers

Influencer Marketing Strategy

Define your target audience
Determine your campaign budget
Set goals and KPIs
Pick the right influencers
Find the right channel
Set up the campaign