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O G S S Technologies is a Top #1 Crypto wallet development company We believe that together with our customers we can improve the comfort of many people. We use our competencies and experience to create software which has a real impact on the present and the future with Top #1 Software Company.

Top #1 Software Development Company Dubai-based international offshore software development and services provider with a presence in over 9 countries spread across four continents, supported by over 5000+ people from over 35 nationalities.

O G S S Technologies is a top private limited custom software development company, formed in early 2006 by the current CEO, Murali Sampath. O G S S Technologies is coming under OGHO Group of companies, and the OGHO group of companies include diversified subsidiaries as well as joint venture companies.

Our Software development company is to advise clients on how to use software to meet their business objectives or to solve business problems.

Our mission is to help customers top #1 software development to achieve their business objectives by providing innovative, best-in-class consulting, IT solutions and software development. We function as a IT partner to business, offering a consulting – plan – implementation approach with an integrated portfolio of technology software development that encompass the entire Enterprise value chain.

Crypto wallet development company

Crypto wallet development company

Crypto wallet development company

Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Services in Australia

We offer business-oriented cryptocurrency wallet development services to develop and deliver secure and high-performance crypto wallets.

Cryptocurrency Wallet Development: Unlock the Business Value of Blockchain-Powered Wallets

As of December 2017, the global crypto market had 295 million users, and the number is opined to grow to 1 billion by December 2022. Financial institutions and crypto enterprises seek to capitalize on opportunities created by the burgeoning crypto market. Different businesses have had different degrees of success by tapping into the crypto market and launching their crypto wallets.

At OGSS, we offer comprehensive crypto wallet development services to make it easier for businesses to launch their crypto wallets.


We leverage our rich experience and deep understanding of the wallet market to build a great white label digital wallet experience for your organization. In addition, we specialize in the development of custom wallets from the ground up. Our breadth of experience and design-thinking-driven solutions have helped us position ourselves as the best crypto wallet development company.

Partner with OGSS to build a great wallet experience.

Delivering Tailor-Made Wallets Aligned with Business Needs


Custodial Wallet Development

Secure your users’ sensitive data and private keys on their behalf Provide them with the most user-friendly wallet that is easy to set up. Enable easy recovery of a user account by providing your user with the required information.

Non-Custodial Wallet Development

Enable your users to gain complete control over their private keys and funds. Provide them with a browser for dApps to use decentralized applications, without leaving the wallet. Give them an option to swap and stake their crypto assets.

NFT Wallet Development

Provide your users with custodial or non-custodial wallets.Enable secure storage and transfer of a variety of non-fungible tokens. Leverage institutional-grade security and ease of use.

Multi Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

Provide your users with a wallet that supports a spectrum of coins and tokens. Enablebuying/selling and storage of multiple crypto at one place. Facilitate transfer and storage of crypto assets.

Our White Label Crypto Wallet Solution

We harness our knowledge and expertise to deliver performance-optimized white label multi currency wallet solution that aligns with your goals and corporate identity.

In-chat Transactions

The chat functionality enables wallet users to quickly and easily exchange their crypto assets without any limit and the need to go to a crypto exchange platform.

Multi-coin and Multi-asset

Native support for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and ERC20 tokens. Facilitates seamless integration of altcoins and tokens as per business needs, making it the best multi cryptocurrency wallet.

Enhanced Privacy

Our non-custodial white label wallet replaces private keys with independently created mathematical secret shares that provide enhanced privacy.

API Connection to Crypto Exchanges

A secure API connection with the leading crypto exchange platforms enables users to buy or sell their sought after cryptocurrencies without the need to leave the platform.

Cross-platform Compatibility

Our white label wallet supports iOS, Android, Windows, and Linux. Provide your wallet users with a highly-secure and flexible infrastructure that can be seamlessly accessed on any device.

NFC (Near Field Communication) Support

Accelerates the exchange of digital assets between users. As the sender taps the NFC tag on the wallet, it automatically fetches the buyer’s wallet address and processes the transaction.

Buy Crypto with Credit Card

Our white label wallet empowers users to buy the desired cryptocurrency using a credit card while ensuring secure and accelerated transactions.

Multi-Layer Security

Our white label wallet is reinforced with market-leading security features to achieve a highly-secure infrastructure to send, receive, and store multiple crypto assets.

Auto Denial of Duplicate Payments

The wallet automatically detects duplicate payments and denies the same to completely avoid any chargebacks.

Buy Crypto with Credit Card

Our white label wallet empowers users to buy the desired cryptocurrency using a credit card while ensuring secure and accelerated transactions.

Automatic Conversion Rates

To allow users to view the balance and transferred amount in USD, GBP, AUD, and other fiat currencies.

Sell Crypto

Users can easily sell crypto directly from the wallet and get the money credited to their credit cards with minimum latency.

User-friendly Interface

The self-explanatory interface advances ease-of-use for both beginners and experienced cryptocurrency traders.

KYC Verification

Geography-based KYC verification ensures legitimate user access and authenticated transactions, thereby fortifying the security of users’ funds stored in the wallet.

Home Screen Customization

Scroll through the spectrum of cryptocurrencies and toggle them on and off to add them to your home screen.