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Affiliate marketing software development company in Australia

We are an affiliate marketing software development company specializing also in blockchain outsource software development, outstaff development and tech consulting. For over 16 years we have been offering the affiliate marketing software development services. With much expertise in the outsource software development for the affiliate marketing industry and a lot of understanding of this field we can transform your business and propel it to the next level.

Benefits of software development for the affiliate marketing industry

Benefits of software development for the affiliate marketing industry

An affiliated marketing program that uses high end technology such as dynamic segmentation, and provides some key facilities such as decision making, tracking, user interaction and many more.

Maximizing the traffic and giving monetary benefits to the users

A software with a powerful flexible API that offers insights into how advertisers and marketers use their digital marketing budgets, and provides 24/7 support to users so that they can contact the support service whenever it is needed.


Enhancing partner performance

The unique AI-powered platform that enhances partner performance, and making program management easier.


The all-inclusive anti-fraud detection functionality enhances both the user’s ability to stop deceitful activity, and their visibility into potential fraud.

Effective advertising promotion and lead generation

Over the past year, lead generation and advertising strategies have become of great importance: if earlier you could rely on several proven channels, then in 2021 it is recommended to cover as many formats as possible and experiment with strategies. What should you pay attention to?


Enabling businesses to reward all the affiliates

A unique feature that enables businesses to reward all the affiliates who contribute in referring to a specific sale.


Video content

One of the most relevant types of advertising in 2021 will be video – 2020 has shown that it is a more effective tool for driving traffic than traditional advertising. A study by Wyzowl shows that more than 72% of people want to know about new products through videos. Plus, visitors are more likely to remember a call to action and respond to it within the video format – about 84% of customers tend to buy something after they’ve watched a video. In 2021, the use of video ads will move to the next level: content creators will be more inclined to reach out to brands before filming a video. Bloggers will be looking to partner with brands as the strategy of combining affiliate marketing and blogging has proven to work and be profitable for both parties.


Content marketing on blogs is a cost-effective method by which you can drive quality traffic to your website and gain a loyal audience. Blogs provide an excellent opportunity to show your expertise in a specific area: any article that talks about solving a user problem will grab their attention. Blogs are a great place for native content, which we talked about above: they allow you to recommend, not to impose; attract customers through useful information, not advertising. Why is it worth turning to this method of promotion in 2021? People tend to buy what they trust: they don’t believe ads, but trust other people – experts – and constructive solutions.



Webinars are an effective tool for attracting target audience. They also help build brand loyalty from existing customers. 73% of marketers prefer this advertising method when it comes to attracting new customers. It is recommended that you schedule your webinar at least three weeks in advance, as well as properly cover it – make a preview on social media, partner blog posts, launch an email newsletter, etc. This is due to the fact that about 46% of participants apply for participation less than a week before the event. By sharing your experience in this format, you can get contact details of potential customers and connect with them later to expand your sales funnel.


Podcasts have become an integral part of everyday life, people are used to listening to them while doing routine things. So why not make them part of your promotion strategy? This is exactly what should be expected in 2021. According to a study by Music Oomph, nearly a third of those between the ages of 25 and 34 listen to podcasts. About 700,000 business pages on Facebook already use podcasts for promotion purposes. Compared to other content marketing tools, podcasts are not as popular yet, but at the same time, they help to easily gain popularity and stand out from the competition. Since podcasts are most often mobile-friendly, this opens up great opportunities for driving mobile traffic.


Email marketing is a cost-effective way to drive traffic with a high ROI. The open rate for the first email from a brand can be as high as 82%. Therefore, in 2021 they will not lose their relevance. Triggered emails are a great lead magnet that allows you to get quality leads and expand your sales funnel. For online stores, this method of promotion is especially relevant – sending three letters about an abandoned cart leads to an increase in orders by 69%.

Moreover, mailings can be combined with other types of advertising, for example, by integrating video into them – the CTR in this case can increase up to 300%. According to data from Statista, 49% of those surveyed said they would like to receive promotional emails from their favorite brands, so newsletters are a good way to get the word out.

The world of marketing is diverse, and is developing dynamically as never before – 2020 made it clear that trends can change very quickly, and what was relevant yesterday may lose popularity today. Some trends can catch you off guard, so in 2021, you need to be more careful in planning your advertising campaigns and choose your affiliate programs carefully.

Here are some tips to help you succeed in affiliate marketing in 2021

It is necessary to monitor seasonal trends and take into account the current demand;
Affiliate marketing automation will significantly increase the chances of profit;
Regular monitoring and analysis of market trends will protect against unforeseen market fluctuations;
Short term viral trends will help you make good profits in a short time.
Investing in a wide variety of niches will provide you with a reserve that you can rely on in case some affiliate programs turn out to be less profitable or lose their relevance;