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Bank & Financial software development company in Australia

OGSS Technologies is the Top #1 Banking, Finance App & Software Development Company Australia

16+ years of financial software development services delivery to help FinTech companies and banking applications to trading platforms and data integration. As a banking and financial software development company is aimed at delivering high-quality products to end customers that meet the highest standards.

We help empower Digital Transformation-driven intelligent banking by enabling instant and secure transactions to deliver omni channel experiences across products and services as a leading banking and financial software development company. Our ongoing innovation enables the banking industry to capitalize on a modernized architecture supported by disruptive technologies.

We are a pioneer in the development of cloud-based FinTech software solutions for operational excellence. Some of the most well-known names in banking and finance rely on our solutions to optimize every customer touchpoint across channels. Our lean software development methodology enables businesses to rapidly build and evolve applications.


Explore the Varied Finance Software Development Solutions We Deliver

Our expertise in fintech app development solution encompasses a broader span of a world-class features and functionalities.

Banking app development

Change the way people do banking by creating your custom digital banking platform from scratch. Craft user- focused applications such as digital wallets or mobile banking apps with our Fintech App development services.

Financial app development

Top-level security is crucial when lots of sensitive data is involved and large sums of money are processed. Our team delivers tailored financial applications which are built to meet business needs and maintain top-notch industry standards.

Insurance app development

The insurtech sector is all about top-notch customer service. Our team specialises in custom insurance application development, done with human-centred design in mind, and answering business challenges at the same time.

Mobile Accounting App Development

We develop cross-platform and native accounting applications for iOS and Android devices which provide full control over the organization’s accounting operations with access to instant billing, bank balances, profit and loss statements, and tax deadlines.

Wallet App Development

Digital wallet apps give smartphone owners a convenient method of payment wherever they go. Integrating an e-wallet app with promotional tools, such as vouchers and coupons, can increase customer loyalty.

Our End To End Fintech App Development Services

We offer world-class FinTech application development services that match the dynamic financial environment and make you a market leader.

Personal FinTech Software

As a financial software development company, we help individual clients manage their FinTech effectively by developing top-notch personal FinTech apps.

P2P Lending Portals

Our best FinTech app developers create feature-rich P2P lending portals for transforming how lenders and buyers transact with each other.

Crowdfunding Portal Development

We build comprehensive crowdfunding platforms for bringing businesses closer to investors and help clients build an active business community.

Voice recognition

Our experts make use of such technologies as artificial intelligence and natural language processing to enable voice payments and perform other transactions without talking to an operator or visiting the bank.

Mobile Payments (mPOS)

We enable mobile payments and help clients to leverage their Smartphones for better and secure transactions over their mobile devices.

Basic Features

Fintech App Features

Investment Advice

With the instant money transfer feature, users can easily transfer money to their relatives with zero-commission and no-fees, through the FinTech application.

Secure Sign-Up

One of the most basic features of every service app is user registration. Users have to register themselves into the app for accessing further features.

Messaging Chatbot

Chatbots integrated with Artificial Intelligence provides quick replies to the queries and problems of the user as well as assists them through the whole app usage process.

Voice Recognition

Users can interact with the financial applications through a voice command or speech, as well as the apps can also respond to the queries through a voice command.

Budget Organization

The budget organization helps them to manage and monitor the monthly budget by providing the details of their spending. Moreover, it also provides alternative ways to reduce expenses.

Instant Money Transfer

For fast transactions, details like card number, expiry date, and CVV has to be entered into the app. All the information is kept confidential and secure through various encryption and security protocols.

Push Notifications

Push or real-time notification feature notifies the users with the details about the total monthly spending, pending bill payments, and many more.

Premium Features

AI Personalization

Integration of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence enables the FinTech apps to provide intelligent and smart suggestions and answers to user’s queries.

Cross-Platform Functionality

Since consumer demands are becoming more diversified, cross-platform functionality increases the usability of the app on various devices.

Data Analytics

The data analytics monitor and manage all the financial data of the user so that users can easily access all the information related to their financial activities.


The integration of the Robo-advisor reduces human efforts by providing financial advice and is also useful to start-ups for data and service management.

Investment Advice

By push notifications, you can easily suggest investment ideas to your users regarding how they can schedule weekly, monthly or quarterly investment.