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ICO / IDO / IEO Development Services

ICO Development Services Company in Australia

We are a leading ICO development company, specializing in roadmap strategy, whitepaper drafting, and several other ICO launch services. Maximize fundraising opportunities for your project with ICO development.

Innovation and strategy drive business growth. We reinvigorate our clients’ innovative ideas with our intelligent strategies to steer businesses towards success. Our blockchain experts work relentlessly to strengthen and expedite the Initial Coin Offering development (ICO) process, while leveraging deep domain knowledge, rigorous market research, and rich experience in blockchain technology.

As a trusted ICO development company, we provide a host of offerings – from ideation, token design conceptualization, white paper creation to token development, launch and marketing – to navigate your ICO website development process.

Our consulting, development and deployment solutions enable you to pivot faster and smarter and achieve successful results for your ICO token development venture.


Our ICO Development Solutions

White paper creation and design
ICO fundraising dashboard
Press release
Light paper creation and design
Token or coin development
Multi-channel marketing
Landing page design
Bounty management
Listing services
OGSS Technologies Pty. Ltd., for Your Right ICO Development With true expertise in developing an ICO, our professional ICO developers thrive to deliver quality ICO development and launch services.
Dedicated ICO Development Team

We have a highly-skilled ICO development team to build better ICO solutions using their deep knowledge and skills in ICO blockchain development services.

Performance Metrics

Our development process consists of wide performance metrics including security, availability, capacity, account breakdown, purpose and token utility, and a lot more metrics.

Custom Blockchain Development

OGSS Technologies Pty. Ltd., offers quality solutions with custom blockchain development services to satisfy various business requirements

Exclusive Tokens and Blockchain

We develop an exclusive system of blockchain and tokens for your organization by integrating with business requirements that helps release its maximum potential.

Enhanced Security Level

By implementing best security practices such as authentication, secure APIs, regular security updates, and payment integrations, we offer a highly secured ICO environment.

Post ICO Services

We assist clients even after the successful implementation of ICO. Our ICO developers review product architecture and business growth to ensure the ICO works well with zero error.

Reduced Turnaround Time

OGSS Technologies Pty. Ltd., considers the importance of timing and offers minimized turnaround time in delivering fine quality ICO products for your organization.

Our ICO Development Services for Your Business

Whitepaper Drafting Services

We develop a comprehensive whitepaper that explains clear-cut ICO development procedures.

Token Development

Our expert developers offer mission-driven token development services powered by blockchain technology.

Smart Contract Development

We have a team of skilled developers to provide a reliable smart contract to automate diverse businesses.

ICO Marketing

To deliver better brand awareness and to bring outstanding results for your ICO Product, we offer strategical marketing campaigns.

Custom ICO Development

With our custom ICO development services, our developers deliver fully secured ICO products and ensure your business growth.

Pre-ICO Launch services

Whitepaper Creation
Cryptocurrency wallet setup
Setting up smart contract
Logo design
PR and Marketing
ICO development
Landing page designing
Post-ICO Launch Services
Technology configuration

Post-ICO Launch Services

ICO Exchange Listing Assistance
Price Volatility and Hedging
Accounting & Finance
Real Estate
Blockchain-based ICO Development
Summary and Diligence Report
Law and Compliance
IEO Development Company

IEO Development Company with Premium ieo launch services in Australia

OGSS IEO development company takes care of everything end to end required to develop the token, market, launch and manage your IEO.

IEO Token Development

Creating a token that is IEO compliant and has other specifications can help exchanges to consider your cryptocurrency for an Exchange Offering. decentralized exchange script that allows trading of ERC20 tokens was built by us.

Exchange Listing

An IEO requires that your token is available through reputed exchanges as it signals a trust factor. We do the heavy lifting of listing on exchanges for you.

IEO Consulting

Our IEO Consultants have a wealth of experience working to help startups setting up their Initial Exchange Offering across the border in the fastest and safest way possible.

IEO Marketing

Marketing your IEO at the right time and with the right strategy allows your token to be seen by the right kind of investors who are genuine and believe in your token’s idea.


The first step before starting the Initial Exchange Offering is to create a coin that is compatible with popular exchanges and prescribes to the standards set by them. ICO Development Company Secure Token creation -Tokens are created for the idea with the following parameters, based on the discussion, the token protocol, maximum supply (maximum limit the token would be issued), and other parameters for the exchanges to consider.

ICO Development Company KYC AML Filing assistance -Cryptocurrency is a very new subject for many countries and in some, they are banned. Our legal experts are updated on the current ongoings in the cryptocurrency community and would know if something went wrong. The team advises you with all the processes and formalities involved start to finish.

ICO Development Company Token branding – Building a brand around a token is important as it builds trust factor as well. Once a token’s brand value is established, it would be relatively easier to sell it to investors. ICO Development Company Smart Contract programming – Each token has specific uses, programming a smart contract needs to consider a variety of parameters and the purpose that it is being created for.


Most Smart contract backed tokens are built to be used within a DApp ecosystem, we design the DApp architecture is such a way that your tokens that are sold during IEOs through exchanges can be used within these DApps that we build for you (Also, this is totally optional) 🙂

ICO Development Company DAPP Development – Dapps can be built on Blockchains like Ethereum, Tron, Hedera, etc, that are best suited for running powerful apps that require security, speed and transparency at scale. Our team has worked on multiple products that range from Fintech to Supply Chain Management (SCM) implementations and would be happy to discuss your project too.
ICO Development Company Deploying the smart contract and tokens – We deploy the smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain for it to go live. ICO Development Company Configuring Token distribution – Creating token is one part of the ICO, we configure the channels for you to effortlessly distribute the tokens to users who have purchased your tokens.

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