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Customized MLM Software Development

Customized MLM Software Development company in Australia

Known as Multi Level Management software, it is an affiliate management tool that helps enterprises in managing the network, its users, and compensation. The MLM software works as a complete business system software and streamlines the agents, distributors, payouts, referrals, in the network based on the type of network used by the enterprise.

Network marketing is a process in which the enterprise does not directly sell its products in the market. Agents or distributors are recruited by the management who, in turn, will sell the products and recruit more agents to do the same. The network spreads sideways and downwards, adding more people as agents.

The agents are not employees of the enterprise and are not paid salaries. They receive a commission for the sales they make and bonuses for adding new agents to the network. The agents usually work from home or small business stores (not affiliated with the enterprise) and sell the products by expanding their friends and family circles.

Keeping track of something as complex requires sophisticated software. MLM software has been designed for the exact purpose.


The software is not just limited to keep track of the users in the network. It allows numerous integrations that will help enterprises in managing the payments, providing e-commerce options, offering a Multilanguage and multi-currency module, sending automated emails, and much more.

MLM software is highly flexible, extensible, scalable, and can be customized to include various features that are required to smoothly run the business. MLM Software Development is done by the companies that offer MLM software solutions.

Many companies in the market provide MLM software to business enterprises. Right from installing the software to ensuring that all the required systems are integrated, the additional features are added, and the employees are taught how to use the software, the companies handle it all. They offer round the clock technical support to ensure that the MLM software is working without any errors.

The smallest of details such as the color scheme can also be changed in the software. MLM plans are also known as compensation plans. They are an algorithm of Multi Level Marketing that defines how the commission is calculated and distributed among the various users in the network.


The MLM plan is usually aligned with the type of network followed by the enterprise. Let us take a look at MLM compensation plans.

  • Binary Plan
  • Matrix Plan
  • Uni-level Plan
  • Board Plan
  • Gift Plan
  • Generation Plan
  • Australian Binary Plan
  • Donation Plan/ Help Plan

Though each of the plans has its own advantages, Binary plan, Matrix plan, and Board plan are popular among the enterprises. Many compensation plans have been developed over the years to suit the unique business models of enterprises. The existing plans can be customized or a new plan can be created to help manage the commissions, referrals, users, admins, and the backend in an effective manner. Additional modules and services can be added to make the software business-friendly.

One of the top companies that provide MLM Software Development services to enterprises follows a systematic process of developing and customizing the software. With a major focus on the requirements and specifications of the business, the company believes in having in-depth meetings with the enterprise to understand exactly what changes are required and how these changes will impact the overall business system. The expert developers deliver the results within the stipulated time by dividing the project into three crucial phases of development. The final software product is tested and launched successfully before it is handed over to the enterprises.

Custom MLM Software to Elevate Business and Its Excellence!

In common, business is an idea to make other people’s lives better. Multilevel marketing is an excellent business that helps people to turn their life better. The business creates an opportunity where both the lead and the users associated with the field can attain benefits on the right scale. The network marketing business expresses great support that meets profits and purpose to achieve success.


“Time management is the key to accomplish any objective” The flexible ways to move with the business is made elegant by the custom MLM software. The eminent software provides a complete solution to handle the business with ease. The smart approach provides relaxation to users to look after the business with less effort thereby saving the time as well.


MLM Software Binary
MLM Software Monoline
MLM Software Generation
MLM Software Matrix
MLM Software Stairstep Software
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MLM Software Unilevel
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Geneology View
Infinity Bonus
Multiple Language
Leg Selection
Database Backup
Complete Control
Mobile Platform
Multiple Replication Website
Lead Capture Page
Reward Point System
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